Slow/blocked images at home
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Why do I have so many problems seeing the images on this image site at home..

Ok, first of all, yes it's a porn site, so don't go there if you will have problems viewing it at work.

Besides wanting to see that site, I am very curious about how something like this could happen in the first place, regardless of the site itself.

For some reason, it works perfectly fine at work (heh), but at home, the site comes up fine (even the ads) but the images themselves take FOREVER to come up, if at all (usually they don't at all, but occassionally one or two will show up). This applies to both the thumbnails as well as the full images.

The site used to work fine, until the last two months or so.

It happens to both Firefox and IE (the latest of both). It's not a hosts file issue, as I've cleared that out and tried. It's not even a computer specific issue, as neither my desktop nor my laptop will get it right. Perhaps a router/modem issue?

My provider is bellsouth DSL.

The site is:

To those of you who have made it this far, I thank you for your interest in the question, and thanks to all who dare answer. :)
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Response by poster: Just to be clear, the site NEVER fully works at home, regardless of the day, hour, or weather.

Thanks again for any ideas.
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Anyway...from what I'm told...IF does go through periods of stupid-slow-to-non-existent loading. Often going through spells on non-loading during the same session. Sometimes one gallery will load just fine but the next one seems to have dropped off the planet.

One suggestion I've heard is to go ahead and register a bogus identity so you can login to the site. This will, at the very least, eliminate the popup and popunder ads.

As for the possibility that your ISP is throttling access to the site...have you noticed issues to any other similar site you might visit?
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Could it be a time-of-day issue? That is, not many people are browsing porn during the work day, but in the evenings, the site may be getting hammered.

Geez, porn at work... You're either crazy or have the most lax job ever.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reply, Thorzdad.

I know about how finicky the site can be wrt inconsistent performance, but this is definitely something else. Also, I've already tried the registering part, without success.

I thought about throttling, but have had no problems with any other sites. Is this a common thing for ISPs?

And yes, I can surf pretty much anywhere from work as long as I get my job done. Surely I am not the only one here in that situation?
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