Losing my Serenity at home...
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Why can't I access www.fireflyfans.net from my home PC? I just get a 'Internet Explorer (7) cannot display the webpage'. I can get it at work, so I know it's still there, just not at home. I'm on Virgin (ex-NTL) cable (going through a router), and I can get everywhere except this one site. And I *love* Firefly, dammit!
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My guess would be that the DNS server you're using at home does not, for some reason, have a correct entry for that site. If that's true, the easiest way to remedy the problem is probably to switch the DNS your router is using to something else. My suggestion would be to use OpenDNS, which is free, fast, and has pretty good instructions on how to change the DNS servers for different routers.
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There was just a discussion on Whedonesque yesterday about how they block virgin and you need a proxy to get around it. I think it's in the comments here.
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Try to access the site by this address:
If it doesn't work, then craichead is right.
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Many thanks to you all, it appears I'll have to get to it via www.dontfilter.us as Virgin is indeed - weirdly - blocked by the site. Thanks!
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