Cheap Tires in Buffalo?
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BuffaloFilter: Where should I go for discount tires?

I am a Canadian heading south for some shopping (like many, many others). I am looking to get new tires for my car and was wondering if any locals in the Buffalo or Niagara area can recommend good places to go for tires?

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Two of the cheapest places I've ever seen for tires.
posted by SeizeTheDay at 6:31 PM on October 28, 2007

Cheap? Don't know.

Good service: Cleve-Hill Auto at Main and North.
posted by Riverine at 7:04 PM on October 28, 2007

Reids Tires - it is in Buffalo.

They have a website I've ordered tires from TireRack and ebay, and they mount them for mad cheap.
posted by rocket_johnny at 7:28 PM on October 28, 2007

Have u tried asking local places if they take discounts for your employer? I happened to ask and I got 10% off at Discount Tire.
posted by mphuie at 10:16 PM on October 28, 2007

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