Am i too old for MBA
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I am 35 and half years old. I am planning of doing part-time MBA after taking up GMAT. (I plan to work in non-profit after finishing MBA.Currently a software engineer working in u.s.a) Do you think i am too old for MBA ?
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I don't see why.
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Lots of people enter MBA programs in their late 20s - late 30s.
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I teach GMAT prep and I have an MBA. You're not too old for an MBA. Tons of my students are around the same age. They are successfully admitted to a variety of MBA programs. You might want to do an Executive MBA, so that you're with a group of experienced people in their 30s and 40s.
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No, you are not too old.
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EMBA's that are diploma mills.
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sorry, AREN'T
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My father, who has an engineering degree, was sent by his company for an MBA sometime in his early to mid 30s. I think there's a significant number of people who find themselves in slightly less technical positions, which they didn't expect and go do an MBA to get those business/people interaction skills they don't have from their first degree.
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Yeah that's silly. I mean, you have to weigh out the benefits of the investment you're making.
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No. Plenty of people your age in those programs, especially in part-time programs.
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You should consider the Presidio School of Sustainable Management if you are interested in working for a non-profit after you graduate. Many students are in their late 30s-40s, and the MBA in sustainable management will give you skills you wouldn't get in a traditional MBA program.

I'm currently a student there. MeFi Mail me if you have any questions about the program.
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I think that Masters in Public Administration might also be useful given the direction you are headed.
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Surely not. You have most of your working career ahead of you.
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You are not too old to do it; I know plenty of people of all ages getting all kinds of degrees. My only suggestion would be, why not go for the non-profit job and *then* get the MBA? Non-profits will still hire without the MBA (although you may start lower on the totem pole) and you will get some good experience that will tell you *exactly* what you need to focus on when you go back to school. You can certain do a short course on business if you feel it would be helpful. There should be something at a local community college for $100-200.
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I wish ALL the MBAs I know had gotten their degrees in their 30s. There are no words for how annoying I find the little 24-yr-old straight thru B-school MBAs. "Well I just did a case study on that, and we found blah blah blah."

A little life experience just makes you a better business person, and bless you for choosing nfp work!
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You are definitely not too old. Nax is exactly right, some real life experience is super valuable not only for classes but also once you graduate.
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Holy Names College in Oakland, California has an MBA program that is tailored for the non-profit and public service worlds. You are never too old to go back to school!
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