MacBooks and Windows, still duking it out!
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MacBook running XP has major "SYSTEM" issues. Why?

I work in corporate environment and we have a few MacBooks. A particular MacBook that was purchased less than a year ago that has Boot Camp with Windows XP loaded onto it is having severe issues.
It has the standard Windows, Office, anti-virus stuff that all the other macbooks have, however this laptop will log into windows and then consume itself on the "SYSTEM" process. The fans will start kicking up to full bore and the "SYSTEM" process with user "SYSTEM" will consume 25% and up of the processor steadily, without retreat. I have reinstalled both from driveimage xml disk images and freshly installed windows on the system numerous times, so it is not an issue with the windows install instance.
The last time I experienced the issue, I changed what port the computer was connecting to back at the switch and it seemed to fix the issue.

The problem came back up today and now it does not matter if it is plugged into the network or not, it will go crazy crunching numbers for nothing! Firefox will not open up, the system will not shut down and turn itself off when you choose 'shut down' from windows.
I'm going to run an Avast BartCD virus scan on it in the morning, but want some ideas of what could be causing it. None of the other MacBooks have this issue and this one is really pushing my last nerve. Any ideas?
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Bad RAM, I'm guessing. Try swapping out its RAM with a Macbook that is not having that problem.
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Make sure all the drivers are up to date, and make sure there is no spyware on the computer. Then look into Black Viper's site here to disable services that are unnecessary. Be SURE to write down any changes that you make, just in case something else happens because of any services you disable.
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Best answer: This seems to match your issue. If not, does Windows freak out under safe mode?
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Response by poster: Disabled the battery monitor and that fixed the issue. Any idea of whether Leopard will have a final version of Boot Camp that will solve this issue?
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From what I've read, the problem goes pretty deep and I haven't heard anything about Apple fixing it. OTOH, the discussion on Apple's site seems extensive, so maybe it will get some attention. Or maybe Microsoft will fix their ACPI implementation. I wouldn't hold my breath for it, though.
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