Trip to Bretagne and Normandy
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Bretagne_normandy_trip.doc[DELETED] :-( . My girlfriend work ruled a new summertrip for elpapacito : Marseille,Avignon,Carcassone and maybe Barcellona. Any recommendations on what to do, what to see ?
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Sit in public parks reading a book on grammar?
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Les Baux de Provence, 25 km from Avignon. There's two main parts to it - one is a restored Renaissance village, the rest is much older Roman ruins with a great view of lower lands. The wind is sto strong up there, year-round, that you can lean forward at about a 45 degree angle and be held up.

This is a great place to be outdoors in clean air for a while and take a walk around. Good place for picnics if you can bring stuff in from Avignon and weigh it down so it doesn't blow away!
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Response by poster: bonaldi: I don't need no stinking lecture on grammar, thank you kind sir. Either answer the question or politely point out the error or shut the hell up grammar troll.

On preview: thanks whatzit !
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I suggest the Petit Palais: the Pope and his entourage retreated to Avignon during the Plague. Just north is Le musee du Petit Palais, a collection of religious paintings. (Here is a French-language link.)

Nimes is west of Avignon. There is an operational Roman-era Colosseum in town where they stage concerts and bull fights. Denim was originally twilled in this town: de Nimes, of Nimes.

Have curry chicken sandwiches and apricot croissants in a park.
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bonaldi: prescriptive grammarian!
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Carcasonne Cathedral is beautiful. You could spend a day there. It has really neat tombs.

It has a small and amazing courtyard in the middle that has a tree in it under which I could stay forever.

I say this as an atheist.
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barcelona's a nice place. we stayed a few years ago in a place recommended by let's go (i assumed it would be really cheesy + overrun with american tourists, but it was actually a nice, decently priced place, just on the outskirts of the ramblas district - unfortunately i can't remember the name). there's a bunch of stuff to do (museums, including one dedicated to miro), architecture, including a bunch of gaudi's stuff (i was not impressed with la sagrada familia, though - in retrospect i think i judged it by current standards rather than by when it was first started). good food. cafes. you know - civilisation, european style. people were friendly and didn't get annoyed at my "spanish" (what i would call castellano - but i don't know what it's called in spain - rather than basque). the only odd thing i remember was being "told off" by the coach driver between madrid + bacelona for taking my shoes off (and my feet did not smell!).
(i think there's a "/" or "&" missing between "girlfriend" and "work" in your question - took me a while to understand too)
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In Figueres, Spain, about an hour train ride from Barcelona, is the former home and current "official" museum of Salvador Dali. Well worth the trip!

More info here.
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what do you like to do on holiday?
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Response by poster: thanks for the info everybody. Gravelshoes: on a scale from 1 to 10

10) visiting historical places (ruins,cathedrals, castles etc)
including industrial archeological places.
9) visiting technical/scientific/ museums
8) finding excellent panoramic spot for pictures or opportunities for unsual pictues
7-6-5-4 tasting local food , visiting traditonal shops not necessarily selling tourist crapola, walking around the city and interesting nearby places
3) visiting modern art museums
2) sitting in the hotel room watching tv
1) sleeping

hope it helps
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I assume 10 is doublegood and 1 just ok

If castles and panoramas are your thing I'd recommend not missing out on the Cathar castles of Langedoc Rousillon like Peyreperteuse or Queribus.. Perpignan is a good town too (the international photojournalism festival is well worth catching and starts at the end of August if you're around then)

If you make it to Barcelona, Cal Pep does amazing seafood
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given 10 and 9, you should probably visit london one day.
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The Dalí museum mentioned is awesome.
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Response by poster: Andrew: Indeed I visited London when I was way too much younger to fully appreciate, must come back someday when the £ will not pound my wallet anymore.

If you like technical museums don't miss Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany [link]

Thanks to all the other guys for the tips, indeed the scale is 10 = Can't miss 1= Would gladly not do
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elpapacito: I'm no grammar troll, I just couldn't understand the question (if I was being a grammar nazi, I'd pick on the punctuation). It took four attempts to get past the first sentence. That's the error. Any my lectures on grammer are freshly deodorised.

> Bretagne_normandy_trip.doc[DELETED]
Did you lose a word file? That's where this is starting. I still don't know what you're on about here.

> My girlfriend work ruled a new summertrip for elpapacito
What's work ruling? Or did you mean your girlfriend's work ruled? Her work told *you* not to go somewhere (I'm guessing Normandy)? Again: EH?

I'll take the second bullet-point on that list, gramcracker.

Anyway, to try and follow the rules around here, if you're in the Avignon-Marseille region, do try and drop into the Vasalery musuem. His art plays with perspective in a way that utterly enchanted me on my last visit. One of my favourite art galleries of all time.
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Response by poster: Oh well, so let's start


That was a hook for readers of a previous thread who kindly answered my questions about a travel in France I was foreplanning. It was , in experimental theory, supposed to both attract the attention (we don't see many .doc files in AskMeta thread neither bracketed commands, do we ?) of both everyday readers scrolling around the page and users who answered my previous post.

But evidently this "trick" works best at attracting writers of deodorised grammar lectures : now that's an unexpected outcome ! Maybe I have a future in the perfumes business.

My girlfriend work ruled a new summertrip for elpapacito

Indeed I should have written "My girlfriend's" , shouldn't I ? Anyway you are right when you suggest it's ambiguous. Technically it is, but a little interpretation suggest that my girlfriend has problems at work , therefore my previous voyage plan was discarded because of her troubles ; the intepretation is further reinforced by the fact that , as far as I know, workplaces can only dictate the timeframe of one vacations, not the location.

As for the grammar I think errors should not be excused, but I don't feel bad messing up a little because english isn't my motherlanguage ; I kind of expect to be pardoned as much as I pardon english born speakers when they try to speak italian.

Thanks for the link on Vasalery musUem anyway :)
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I don't know (nor, I am afraid to admit, enjoy) that area of France as well as others but do know if you like modern architecture, these are worth a look: Unité d'habitation (Cité Radieuse) Marseille by Le Corbusier and German Pavilion Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe.

Nice has a fine Roman arena and Temple. Nearby is the Pont du Gard. If you get up into the Pyrenées, a number of fine walks are to be had (I recall your girlfriend does not like to walk, so that may not work out but it can be worth the trip to see at least on "cirque".

There is a former Cisterican monastery north of Marseilles (can't recall the name at this time nor its distance from Marseilles) of which architects are rather fond.

The Camargue is well regarded for bird watching and has the quirky yet interesting fortified town of Aigues Morte. Just stay away from "Lili's" for lunch: you will walk out asking yourself who had the complimentary blow job. In that area, the local delicacy (read: something one generally will not eat because it is too much trouble for the reward) consists of the impossibly small shells which one eats like mussels. Few are bigger than the average pistachio if I recall correctly.

/me wondering if Bonaldi's head explodes when he reads a Tomcatspike post.
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Response by poster: thanks dickparis expecially for mentioning works of Le Corbusier : I have often heard about him, but never had any opportunity to give a look I'll try to book an appointment to visit the interiors of one unité.
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