How to evaluate wedding DJs?
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I'm getting married near Bowie, MD and I'm in search of a decent DJ but I'm not entirely sure the criteria I should use to evaluate them outside of testimonials and calling up references. My question is: 1) how do you evaluate the various DJs and 2) does anyone have a DJ they strongly recommend? Thanks!
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My friends researched a bunch of djs, and having cleared it with each one, skulked at the back of weddings they were djing at, to get an idea of their repertoire and style. They felt like plonkers, but they got a good dj.
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I can't answer (2), but I would suggest that you define the role of the DJ as you envision it to be for your wedding reception. Then, talk to various DJs to see if their idea of their role fits with yours. For instance, if you want the DJ to also emcee, then interview a DJ for their personality. If you want to select the music, then interview DJs to determine the extent of their musical library and whether they'd let you pick the songs that are played.

Ultimately, you want to meet with the ACTUAL DJ you plan to hire for your wedding, so be careful with companies that employ more than one.

When my husband and I interviewed DJs, we were looking for someone with good musical taste (honestly!), so I asked the DJ what his favorite band was (Earth, Wind, & Fire). Had he said, "Nickelback", well, I'd know that I'd want to keep looking.
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She's straight out of PG county, has awesome musical tastes, is ravishing, and knows how to play a wedding..
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Im not sure if there is a complete music in you area but i have worked at one of their bigger franchises and their corparate headquarters. They are pretty much the nations largest chain. No reputable DJ should mind you visiting one or two of their shows to see how they work. I know this kind of sounds like a plug but everyone in my area truly beleives they are the best. oh and many times you eet what you pay for.

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