Can you recommend a Detroit-area DJ?
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Can I get a DJ? Need a good recommendation for a disc jockey to play at my September 23rd wedding which will be held in Detroit area.

Looking for a fun yet tasteful dj that will play old school jazz during cocktails and all the standard party favorites at dance time. Cost is not a huge factor but I would like to spend less than $1000. The gig will be about 5 hours in length. Suggestions?
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Yeah, actually. One of the things that the Cousins Vinyl folks that I work for do is all-vinyl djing, which includes a lot of old school jazz (well, mostly 50s-70s stuff, not '78s so much). We can also do funk/soul/rock/r&b from the same era.
We're based out of the Detroit area, and have a lot of Detroit-centric recordings.
Email me if you're interested.

I also know a fair number of other DJs who I can recommend if we're not what you're looking for.
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So... Hey.... Do you want further info? Or can I get an update?
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