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Best place to find hardcore music online?

I had a lot of records in my sXe harDCore youth, but time and a few cross-country moves have decimated my collection. I'm feeling nostalgic now and wanting to reconstruct some of it.

On that note, I'm looking to download some hardcore music, mostly from the 90s or so. I'm not particularly picky within the general genre - straight edge, hardline, youth crew, post-hardcore, screamo, etc. will mostly all work for my purposes - but a lot of this stuff is very old, out of print, and seemingly damn near impossible to find anywhere.

I had great luck on Soulseek for a while, but then I got a Mac. Looking for "hardcore" on public torrent sites comes up with a lot of techno and/or porn. I hear Oink was great, but I was never on it and now it's gone. Any other ideas? What am I missing?
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Like this one.
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don't give up on Soulseek for OSX without trying SsX.

That being said, obscure vinyl blogs like Vinyljourney will occasionally turn up hardcore gems. It's a bit of a pissing match, but when stuff does turn up, it's generally of high quality.
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Nthing the SSX, you can find anything you want. Strange Reaction was great but jumped the shark long ago. Use KBD/KFTH sites plus WIKI to find what you _might_ want and then hop on SSX to get it.
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Definitely give Soulseek a try again. Find the bands and albums you want and search specifically for thoseā€”genre searches are not Soulseek's forte.
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Have you tried searching the binary groups in usenet land ? Check out for a list of groups (may or may not match what your newsgroup provider subscribes to)

I stopped using P2P and torrents quite a while ago (for "visibility" reasons) , and get <90% of everything from Usenet groups. The quality is higher, the maturity level (of sharers) is higher,..and all in all its just a much more worth your time. Its not super easy to setup, but its totally worth it.
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7" Punk, Something I Learned Today [RIP], Killed By Death Records are all good resources (some leaning more toward punk).
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(Whoopsie, I missed that 7" Punk was already mentioned.)
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Oh, and try searching Hype Machine, which is an aggregator of music blogs, for specific bands/songs.
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Rockbox has a pretty good collection of torrents.
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