these boots are made for walking?
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Where can I find affordable and cool looking shoes that I can walk in?

I need either tall boots or shoes! With the following criteria:

1. No heel, low heel, or really comfortable heel. I can't really walk long distances in heels (especially pointy or tall heels) and am already tall.
2. Comfortable for walking. I walk everywhere. Including up steep hills.
3. Cool or cute looking. I think thatBobbi Blu and Irregular Choice shoes are adorable but not the most comfortable.
4. Affordable. I don't want to pay more than 70 dollars or so and even that is pushing my budget.

What suggestions do you have that would fit? Being able to walk in them in any sort of weather is probably the most important. My shoe size is usually 9.5. I have comfortable tennis shoes already but they look silly with skirts.
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I wear Kenneth Cole "bard" flats a lot. They come in tons of different kinds and are a little on the expensive side but they last a long time and don't rub at all. I know there are also boots in the same style but I think they are quite a bit more expensive.
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Best answer: Clark's has cute-ish shoes nowadays (they used to be super - boring -- they emphasized comfort and durability, which they still do). They're certainly very comfortable. Their Indigo shoes are fun. You can find them for << $70 at DSW or at an outlet mall.
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Best answer: Sketchers. I wore these almost every day on a two-week trip to Italy. They're as comfortable as sneakers. Check around on their web site for other colors and styles. (Everyone thinks they're cute.)
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Best answer: I wear the Rockport brand a lot. They are on the higher end of what you said you wanted to pay but they are worth every penny. I'm of the opinion that there is no such thing as a cheap shoe, you pay in dollars or you pay in pain. I sometimes find them on eBay for less. I also wear Clark's and Naturalizers.
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Best answer: I have a pair of Naturalizer boots that I love. Very comfortable (I walk a lot) and surprisingly cute for "comfortable" shoes.
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I'm in the same boat right now. My most comfortable shoes are Camper. I wore them exclusively over a 5-day trip to London, and all over ever since then, and no pain whatsoever. However, they cost at least $100, and the boots can be $200+.

I've been looking into Aerosoles or Easy Spirit lately, but I'm not sure if they live up to promises of comfort. I also found a sort of cute and surprisingly comfortable pair of boots from the American Eagle line at Payless for $35, but I want tall boots, not short slouchy ones. Ideally, I'm looking for something under $50 for shoes and under $100 for boots.
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(OK, looking again at that Naturalizer link, I see they're all fake leather. Mine are real leather, and were about $60 at DSW, so you might want to check there.)
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They rule -- order whatever you want and you can return it for free.
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Best answer: Without meaning to, I've ended up with many pairs of Born shoes which I've picked up on discount (always under your price point, sometimes by a lot) at Nordstrom Rack and Designer Shoe Wearhouse. They are amazingly comfortable; I've never had to break a pair in.
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Seconding Skechers. I love mine - they are both cute and comfortable.

If there is a DSW near you, check it out. Loads and loads of great shoes at a discount.
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Seconding Rockports. They last for a long time, look good and are super comfortable. Their styles have come a long way from their orthopedic-looking days.

Tip: You can get lucky at Maxx and Marshall's with Rockports.
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Seconding Naturalizer.
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Best answer: Miz Mooz are super cute and comfy. The boots are out of your price range, but their shoes (like this or this) aren't so bad.
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Sierra Trading Post is where you want to look for the best prices. You can view their categories ordered by price.
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Camper. actually pretty stylish, some of them!

puma makes some nice shoes that still might work with skirts as commuter shoes, i got a pair in basic black and wear them to walk around the city & to/from work but switch to heels at the office. nuala by puma has boots and everything (they are pricey though.) also cole haan's nike air shoes. I buy pricier shoes off, when they have big sales, got some delman flats for only about $130 and normally they are near $300. (plus they have lots of half sizes.) Reaction Kenneth Cole aren't expensive and are usually fairly comfy, they're not bad. i recommend also to check ebay seller Gotham City Online, you can get really good discounts on some brands and they're new, and they do have a good return policy.
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Oh, and Frye makes shoes and boots in all sorts of styles now. very sturdy. again, expensive, but if you really like them they'll last for many, many years.
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I've walked a thousand blocks in Aldo flats and they are the only dressy shoes that don't tear them apart. Depending on what style you get they might push your price limit but a basic pair will LAST you thousands of blocks. Srsly.
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I think the key is to figure out what kind of boots or shoes you want and try to find them for a discount. I've found styles I like on Zappos (don't get me wrong, I love their customer service, but if you're on a tight budget, you may find better deals elsewhere) or seen them elsewhere for full price, and then gotten them for a significant discount by shopping around - different places might be discontinuing brands or changing stock at any given time. There are a number of sites that sell shoes, and may be offering a sale on the style you're looking for. I've also had outstanding luck with Ebay. If you're patient and savvy, you can save a lot of money. I've also done all right at places like DSW and Nordstrom's Rack.

As far as brands go, if you have to do a lot of walking, Clark's are all right, Doc Martens are excellent if you have to be on your feet a lot (you'll have to shop; I got a cute new pair for $15) Try finding sales on brands that you know are good and durable.
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Seconding Born shoes... I got to the point that even wearing Clarks loafers was hurting my feet (massive ball-of-foot pain with each step) and buying a pair of Born loafers solved that immediately. They've also got lots of cute flats and heels that have an amazingly comfy and substantial sole; though, on the flats and heels, it doesn't LOOK substantial from the outside.
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Response by poster: Born shoes squish my toes. Clarks Indigo look cook and do Miz Mooz. I googled and ebayed around and bought some Naturalizer boots online (unfortunately of the fake leather variety) and will see if they work out and seem to be worht the price. If not, they are going straight back and the search will begin anew.
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How did I miss this thread? I've been thinking of posting exactly the same question.

It sounds odd, but I picked up a pair of these Crocs and love them. I also once lucked out at a thrift store with a pair of Mary Jane-style Docs that are still going strong. I've been thinking of splurging on these Doc Marten flats, which seem to be on sale.
For really dressy shoes, I've done well with Unlisted (I have a pair similar to these). They often have shoes with a low-ish, non-pointy heel, so they're more bearable than most dress shoes.
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