Where can I find a free sound card output recording software?
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Where can I find a free sound card output recording software?

I'm trying to find a free software that will allow me to record the sound output of my sound card into wav or mp3 format. Please let me know if you know of one.

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I haven't used it for this purpose, but I'm fairly sure Audacity does this.
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Ha. Last time I take the time to write out a full sentence.
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Incidentally, Audacity
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cool little program called mp3mymp3

it records whatever is being output from your sound card, to be saved as mp3 or wav. i use to record the audio from live gigs on you tube.
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If you are using Windows, there's jackdmp that will take any output from your sound card and present it to your computer as input. This way, you can use any program that can record from line-in.

If you're on any other OS, there's jack, which does the same thing.
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i used a program called simply "sound recorded" but i've lost the link. this was back when copy protection on cd's was such that i couldn't play a few (still can't) music cds on my computer, so i just popped it into my stereo, grabbed a 3.5mm jack from the headphone output to my mic input in my soundcard and recorded as a giant wav, converted to mp3, then spliced them up into tracks.

useful skill to have, same principle to copy LP's or so on.
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Along the lines of jack and jackdmp, I've also recently run across PulseAudio. It's a sound server, so it offers lots of functionality in addition to what you want. And it should run on Windows and all POSIX platforms.
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