Recommend a good ADSL modem + wireless router
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Recommend a good ADSL modem + wireless router (G or N) that can also mount an external hard drive as a network share - for the UK

My current Belkin ADSL modem/wireless router is frequently crashing, so I'm looking for something new. I was aiming to get the Airport Extreme, but I'd have to get a separate ADSL modem and I just can't be bothered with that (plus it's pretty expensive). I'd prefer something with decent range, since I have a lot of walls in my flat, and the network share thing would be very useful, although I'm not terribly bothered about whether it's a fully-featured NAS or not.
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I don't have a recomendation that exactly meets your requirements, but you could always just go with an ordinary ADSL router & plug either an NSLU2 or a Thecus box into it. (As a bonus, you can install Debian on either the nslu2 or the Thecus N2100, which gives you lots more flexibility...)
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Apparently I can't spell recommendation. Sigh.
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I've been using an Apple AirPort Extreme base station for a while now, and have been quite happy with it. It makes it dead simple to share USB hard drives with Macs and PCs, and has a bunch of other nice features, to boot.
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There is a good chance it is just the power adapter that is failing on your current unit.

Otherwise, these 2wire DSL modem + wireless router units are only $20 around Toronto (and they work fine), you might have luck there too..
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