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What amazing, unmissable, not-yet-sold out rock/indie/global/generally awesome concerts anywhere in Europe must I see in the next few months - but *only* on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays?

I'm based in Riga, Latvia, and the acts I like don't make it out here, usually.

The time restriction is because my schedule is not your standard M-F, 9-5:
Off: Thursday 9pm-Saturday 10am
Work: Saturday 10am-2pm work (I'm an English teacher, and it's really hard to cover classes since some teachers can't teach the more advanced levels I do on Saturday mornings)
Off: Saturday 2pm-Monday 3pm

Overnight, I'd prefer to do a hostel-type thing, or perhaps I might enjoy just staying out all night on the town, then heading back to whatever airport for a morning flight back and sleeping it off on the plane. Ideally, a show later on a Saturday night or during the day on Sunday, in a major city served by a late afternoon/early evening AirBaltic flight on the way there would be amazing, as that would mean not having to connect, not having to take time off, and the time difference (Latvia is two hours ahead of Britain and one hour ahead of most of western Europe) would work in my favor.

Arcade Fire, my top choice, are sold out pretty much everywhere, though I could do tickets on eBay.

As for what music I'm into...a random selection of my playlist right now features Vieux Farka Toure, Editors, Celia Cruz, Asha Bhosle, Interpol, !!!, Feist, Justice, Shakira. Pretty diverse stuff.

Here are some ideas I've got so far:

*Editors, New Young Pony Club and The Go! Team, Lille, France, 9 Nov
*MIA, Brighton, UK, 14 Dec

What are your ideas? What am I missing? Any festivals? If you don't have a specific idea, where can I look?
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Les Savy Fav, my good man. Les Savy Fav. (Check out the listings on the page and see if any of those work for you).
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You can find out what De Melkweg in Amsterdam has to offer.
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Califone will be playing a few weekend dates in Europe in November. If you like bluesy rustic Americana-electronica (or think that you might), you should check them out.
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Underworld is hopping around Europe right now and they are phenomenal live, if you like electronic music.
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Check worldtickets. You can search by country (eg for London) or by music.
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Wildhearts. Trust me on this one.
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Pollstar gives you a city by city look of all bands playing everywhere.
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Go and see The Cat Empire, they're an Australian band and they seem to be playing a stack of dates across Europe in November. I saw them on Wednesday night in Sydney and they are one of the best live bands I've ever seen.
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The Cure are playing in Stockholm on Saturday February 9th. It seems Air Baltic flies direct to Stockholm from Riga. Tickets here.
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