You've got the Touch? So... uhh... now what?
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How to get the most out of the wifi/browser capabilities of my Ipod Touch?

So... I went out and splurged on the fancy new 16 gig Ipod Touch... and while it's super cool, the supplied apps and whatnot are pretty weak. So what can I do to really take advantage of its ability to connect to the internet? Specifically, I'd love folks' recommendations on good web based apps for mail, chat, and... well... what else is worth checking out?

I'm not quite sure I'm ready to hack my firmware or whatever, especially with a devkit on the way, but I would be curious to hear people's stories, if they've done that with the Touch.
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Best answer: The obvious answer would be to direct you to the Apple WebApp site:

Oh my iPhone, I have the following bookmarked:

Really nice "to do" list/manager thingie. Not iPhone/Touch specific, but works really well.

Google Reader
RSS reader, kind of has the iPhone/Touch feel.

Mini blogging/social networking thingie.

A really nice iPhone/Touch version of the site.

Again, another really nice iPhone/Touch version of the site.

IMDB Search
I don't remember where I got this, but it will pop up a box on your iPhone/Touch and ask you to input a name, then it will take you directly to that person's IMDB page, without having to load the IMDB homepage. Handy if you're obsessed with the site like me.

Movie Times
Same kind of deal as the IMDB Search, only with movie times.

Jivetalk Beta for iPhone
Instant messaging webapp, pretty nice.

Cool little shopping list organizer with a lot of stuff built in so you don't have to type everything out.

TV Forecast
Keeps you up to date on when the next episode of your favorite TV show(s) air.

There are others I've tried from the Apple WebApp site, but those are the ones I've deemed "worthy" to keep bookmarked.
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Best answer: SeeqPod is the best site EVAR.

I like Mundu for instant messaging.

gOffice is useful for word processing.

Netvibes has a lovely new iPhone/Touch version.

And of course, there's Bejeweled. :)

There are various mechanisms for bookmarking webapps - modmyiphone and appleopolis are the best I've discovered.

Have fun!
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Pat yourself on the back? I mean, it's great you've got a new toy, but if you don't know what it's good for, why did you even get it?
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Response by poster: Obviously, I got it to impress your Mom, Mr. Gunn.

Nah... in all seriousness, I got it to play movies, listen to music, display photos, and use as a basic PDA / organizer-type device. Plus, I'm a computer d00d, so I wanted something basic I could bring along that'd provide internet conectivity, without having to drag a laptop along all the time.

It's not that I don't know what it's good for, it's more that I'm curious what else it can do.

I actually expected the mail app to be on the ipod touch, but it's not... presumably it will be shortly, along with other basic stuff like a decent messenger. Hopefully, somebody will figure out how to make it download its own podcasts...
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