Online Multiplayer Games for the iPhone and Ipod Touch Recommendations?
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What multiplayer games can we play on the iPhone / iPod Touch over the internet?

I'm looking for recommendations for multiplayer games that can be played online between an iPhone (3GS) and a new (retina + cameras) iPod touch. Turn based or real time are fine. We're fans of board games, and more interested in strategy oriented games vs. shooters and the like. Any web based games that work well in Mobile Safari are fine too.

I've read some of the related questions, but they're outdated - and most of the links Google turns up appear pretty outdated as well.
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Best answer: I play Scrabble on my iPhone, but you have to play it through Facebook, which is a huge pain in the neck. There's also a very good Scrabble knockoff app called "Words With Friends" that you can play outside of Facebook.
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My friends and I are addicted to Words with Friends. It is a Scrabble knockoff that will sends push notifications when it is your turn.
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nthing Words with Friends! I'm Litchick there and would love to play a game with other Mefites, btw.

Also, my kids love Battleship for playing between iPhone and iPod Touch, which is just like the classic version, but adds sinking ship graphics and levels you up the more games you win (I'm an Admiral of the Fleet, thank you very much).
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Best answer: Carcassonne! It's a fantastic board game with a best-of-breed iOS version. Turn-based, but it can happen pretty quick when both folks are in front of their phones.
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If you're familiar with the poker app/game on FB it was ported a while back to the iPhone. It's made by a company called Zynga, (they do farmville) and it's called Texas Poker ... connects to Facebook players too if you're interested in linking up that way.

Words with Friends is good.

A company called PlayMesh makes an app that batches together a bunch of games for multiplayer play: Mancala, checkers, chess, connect 4 etc. it's called "All-in-1"
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Response by poster: Great recommendations so far, thanks. I'm not on Facebook, so if I need to be a member to play, let me know.

I intentionally didn't mention games I already knew about, such as Carcassonne and Words With Friends/Scrabble (didn't know about the Facebook thing, so that's useful).

Would you recommend Scrabble over Words With Friends? I don't mind spending more money if it's a better game.

UniWar is another one I'm thinking of trying.

a11an - some of those look simple and quick.

Please keep them coming.
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Best answer: Nope, I have Scrabble and it is not worth paying more for that over Words With Friends.
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Best answer: HexaLex! It's essentially Scrabble/WWF with six-sided tiles, and the detailed push notifications, interface, and added achievements are fantastic. The rules and scoring are slightly different, so I recommend playing through the tutorial. There are even three levels of computer opponents you can play against locally. (My BF and I play on our 3GS phones, BTW.)
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If you like Risk or Dice Wars, you can try Strategery.
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Seconding Carcassonne. One of my favorite iOS games, by far.

In regards to Scrabble vs. Words With Friends, I much prefer WWW's UI to Scrabble's, but Scrabble uses the original board configuration and a full dictionary instead of WWW's rearranged bonus tiles and word list. In addition, Scrabble's Facebook connectivity lets you play with friends who may not have iPhones, which is the selling point for me.

On the other hand, WWW is essentially free.

I hear Chess With Friends is pretty good too.
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(Oh, and you do need a Facbook account to play Scrabble online.)
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Also, I hear Reiner Knizia’s Samurai has online multiplayer.
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Response by poster: As a followup, here are some of the games I've picked up:

Carcassonne - Certainly the most polished of the bunch. Good online implementation

Reiner Knizia's Samurai - I haven't managed to convince anyone else to buy this, but it's pretty great. I've heard good things about the online implementation though.

Words With Friends - A bit buggy, and the ads are annoying enough that I'll probably upgrade to the Pro version soon. I also play it the most of the bunch - would love it if I could disable sounds in the app.

Hexalex - Well done little game - but for some reason it doesn't get played too often - I think it might be an issue with the badges not showing up. I'd recommend it, regardless.

Uniwar - Finished the campaign (not in all skill levels though). Haven't tried online yet.

I've got a few more that will hopefully be multiplayer some day (Neuroshima Hex and Medici) if their developers can be believed.
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