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Two Questions: 1. Which agency is responsible for all the marketing for Google thus far? 2. What is the purpose and objective of Google Creative Lab? I can't get any data even on Google.
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Crispin Porter (Miami) did all those recruiting ads for Google. The ones with binary codes and cryptographic messages on billboards, etc. I dunno what else they may have done.
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This is just a rumor, but I heard on TWiT that the Google Creative Lab is working on a mobile phone.
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The best info on Creative Lab seems to be the tidbit that was released with the group's hiring in September.

Google taps Madison Avenue exec to head Creative Lab unit

The Mountain View-based company (NASDAQ:GOOG) is searching for ways to get more advertising revenue from a wider range of marketers.

Berndt is expected to join the company by the end of the year, and will work on Google's own advertising as well as presenting the company's products to advertising firms.

Given the Creative Labs chief's background in advertising, I think the work is likely to involve new and creative ways to distribute Google's ads rather than any hardware or software engineering. Something along the lines of Google ads in tv, radio, and print.
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paidContent has a bit more:

Andy Berndt, co-president of Ogilvy & Mather in New York, is departing the WPP Group agency after eight years to head up a new global marketing unit at Google (NSDQ: GOOG), AdAge reported. The new unit is described as a lab focusing on “innovation” and dedicated to finding ways advertisers, agencies and entertainment companies can intersect.

Citing a Google representative, the new unit is called Google Creative Lab and Berndt will be its first managing director. As described in the Adweek article, Berndt will oversee the marketing of Google’s brand and services, and strike deals with agencies to use Google’s products as part of their campaigns.

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Response by poster: rokusan,

Based on further research, CPB is no longer doing ads for Google. However, they just picked up the Ask.com account.
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