Kicksology, why did you leave me?
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Are there any good shoe (preferably basketball) review blogs?

Ever since Kicksology died in 2004, nothing seems to have taken its place. I've seen other places like hypebeast and nicekicks, but I'm really looking for shoe reviews, and preferably basketball shoes. I'm not interested in street fashion overall or pictures of day-glo colored bapes and ice creams. I'm looking for a blog with how much the shoes weigh, pictures of the shoes, prices/release dates, comparisons, etc.

Basically, I want kicksology again.

Are there any shoe review blogs like this? Or is it time to track down Ernest Kim (Professor K.) and beg him ask him to reopen Kicksology?
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I feel your pain dude, I really miss Kicksology. I found that there is no true replacement for it but what I've used to attempt as a weak substitute for it is the forums on sites like and and hypebeast like you already mentioned. I know you kinda have to wade through a lot of garbage on the forums to get any reviews, but, atleast on iss, there is a dedicated forum for kicks reviews.

Hope that helps and I'll be watching this thread for some more sites hopefully.

Long live Kicksology!!
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