Help me ID this piece!
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What is the music behind this page?

It doesn't sound like anything from the first or second Katamari soundtrack discs, but I could be wrong.
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Best answer: Downloading just the music, the title of the mp3 is "Do Re Mi Katamari Do" from "We Love Katamari". The artist is listed as Namco, the creator of the games.
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Response by poster: I have "We Love Katamari" (soundtrack) and I honestly can't remember hearing it.

Thanks for the pointer, though. I'll have another listen, it's such a pretty piece...
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Weird. I wonder if it's a secret song? I don't have this music either, and I have the soundtrack to both the first game and the second game right here.

I'm on ytmnd, so I'll message the creator and ask.
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Response by poster: Thanks! This song makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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