Reversed wall outlet?
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I'm looking for an unusual AC wall outlet.

Has anyone seen a dual 110 AC outlet that has one of the sockets reversed? That is, one socket with the ground hole pointed up, and the other pointed down. I'd like to be able to plug two wall warts into one wall socket. I really don't like the strip adapters.
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how about rotating?
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You want an Acenti Triplex Receptacle by Leviton. Other manufacturers may make variations of the same.
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Actually, I think the wants is for the ground pins to be on the outside, not on the inside.
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You're right, although my answer does meet the criteria as stated in the original question. I haven't encountered too many wall warts with ground pins, so I didn't visualize properly. I realized this about .5 seconds after I hit post.

probablysteve has it in this case, I think.

Sigh, hopefully somebody will see my answer and have a use for it.
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Actually I think the Triplex receptacle is probably as close as you're likely to find, at least easily.

It satisfies the requirements and provides an additional outlet (although with two wall warts you may not be able to use it).

@ davey: The other thing to remember is that some wall warts, even though they might not have ground pins, use polarized plugs. I have a few like this and they're major PITAs.
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The rotating outlet thing is probably the most attractive option. They also sell these and my favorite, the power squid.
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I have reservations about the fire safety of the rotating plugs and outlets, so definitely check the UL rating and be careful. There was already a fire-hazard recall of Glade Plug-ins that included a rotating passthrough outlet.

My favorite plug-friendly outlet device lately is the YellowJacket 5-outlet adapter, which is big and yellow and ugly and totally awesome. Stick that sucker on the end of a short extension cord and screw it to the back of something.
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I can't seem to find it through Googling, but my band uses a few very small extension cords, about 2 or 3 inches long. They give you enough room to plug in your wall warts, but they take up a lot less space than a big power strip.
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