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Where can I take my kids to see Script Ohio for free?

I've got 4 children, three of which are 100% dedicated to watching Script Ohio. Unfortunately I can't afford 6 tickets to the game to watch it live. So, my question is where does the band practice, and is it open to the public?

Also, does anyone have any tips on attending the Skull Session - Where to park? How to get the best seats? What time to show up? I figure this is a good back-up plan, and we can go to COSI afterwards.
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The band practices on the practice field just SE of the Shoe past the new athletic facility (though I don't know when or if it's open to the public). You can catch a glimpse there. I'm fairly certain that they do a "battle of the bands" type competition too. I assume you've already checked out ? You could call and ask them.
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the band's schedule is here. contact information for the staff and the steinbrenner center is here.

yes, it's named after that steinbrenner.

on another note, i question your google kwan do, given that the band's website was the third link for the "ohio state marching band practice sessions."

but since you're a fellow buckeye, i'll allow it.
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Last time I went to a Skull Session, we got there right before it started and had "nosebleed" seats, but it didn't really matter -- it was still a lot of fun. I can't tell if it was more or less populated than usual, since it was a home opener, but against NIU, which probably didn't attract a ton of people from the area. I don't remember where we parked, but it wasn't too bad walking. They run these things like clockwork... just follow the crowd and find a spot.

Go Bucks!
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Sorry, my link didn't show up. I, like Hat Maui, recommended looking at the tbdbitl website too.
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My nephew's in TBDBITL. Go Bucks!
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Best answer: Not sure of the date but the band will perform in the shoe sometime in the spring at a high school band festival. I believe they will do a script.

As far as the skull session they typically enter St. John arena 90 minutes prior to kickoff so to get a good seat get there 60 to 90 minutes before that.
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