How to replace the battery in an old timex watch?
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I need to replace the battery in an old timex watch ( about 30 years old ) -- I just need to know if I need to send it somewhere or if I can get a replacement battery in a store .. if so, where or what store ? Thanks!
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jeweler, chain drugstore, walmart etc.
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I've taken watches in to Batteries Plus and they've done the whole process. I've not a friggin clue where you are from your profile so this, or something similar, may or may not be available in your area. Otherwise, yeah, just pry the back off take the battery out and check local drug/hardware stores.
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I had a job in a jewelry repair shop in the summer of 1985. All you need is a sharp knife and a small screwdriver and you may not need the screwdriver.
Pry off the back with the knife. Sometimes there is a tab where the knife fits in nicely, sometimes not. Atfer you get the back off, you will see the battery in plain view. Remove it by popping it out or taking off the retaining screw.

Tape the battery to a piece of cardboard and take it to Walgreens/CVS/Sears/Best Buy/Jewelry store. etc and look for a battery that matches. It should have a three digit # on it, just match the # at the store. Sometimes the battery # is engraved on the back of the watch.

Put the new battery back how you found the old one and pop the cover back on.
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Buy a battery at the "jewelry" counter in WalMart and they'll put it in for free. Maybe $5.
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"Popping the cover back on" is not always as easy as that. Most places that do this sort of thing have a tool that looks a bit like a padded vice to re-seat the back cover. If you get the back off yourself and can't get it back on, you may have to go to a jeweler anyway.
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Is it water resistant? If so then you will need to pressure test it after changing the battery. I've had several digital watches stop working after I had the battery replaced by a crappy place in a mall and then went swimming.
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If it's worth more than 30$ (or makes your ass look good), take it to a jeweler. We had a family heirloom ruined because someone from W'mart let a screwdriver slip into the gears and damage them. It might cost a dollar more for the battery, but they do this for a living and won't break anything. If it's water resistant, you can let them send it in to the lab and they will change the little seal for you.
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I say jeweler too, especially a local independent shop. The price is going to be within a couple dollars of any discount/drug store, they'll do it for you, they'll do it right, and you get to support a small business too.
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This is what watch repair stores are for. They are totally reasonably priced. I've changed a lot of my own batteries, and it has gone wrong about 1 time out of 5. If your watch is waterproof, you can easily screw up the seal.
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