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Does a foundation exist that won't cover up your natural coloring?

I'm looking for a foundation that will cover up the flaws without washing out the natural pinkness in my complexion.

I'm currently using Neutrogena Healthy Skin make-up in the lightest color available and I find that while it evens out the overall tone of my face, it wipes the natural color out of my cheeks, resulting in a kind of dull look I have to fix with blush.

Bonus points for something I can get at a drugstore as I'm definitely on a budget here.
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You should try something with less coverage such as a tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup. Unless I apply extra on my cheeks (specifically to cover up my rosy cheeks), the color still shows through.

Everyday Minerals is what I use - it is mush less expensive (12 dollars vs 35 dollars, plus they have free samples) than Bare Minerals, but has msot of the same ingredients.
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that should be "much less expensive", of course. and "most". Doh!
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The Neutrogena sheer coverage is good on this score (that's what I use for part of the year, and it doesn't cover up my skintone at all). However, I do find that all Neutrogena foundations tend towards the warm end of the spectrum; I'm quite fair too, but with a golden undertone, so it works for me -- with your pinkish-cool undertones, though, you might need to switch to a different brand entirely. The L'Oreal "true color" line (I think that's what it's called) has a full range in warm, neutral, and cool tones.
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Yes, mineral makeup is good for this. I personally am a fan of Aromaleigh, in part because of their much more painterly way of describing foundation shades by the pigments used, which helps make it easy to create a custom color as well (I blend my own). They sell samples so you can try before you buy large sizes (I never found a good match in Everyday Minerals- their range is not quite as broad, though their formula is very nice). I've been buying from them for many years, and have been pleased with their customer service, as well as their products. You can also lurk on the forum and glean some good info there.
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I tried Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer at Sephora and found it to be quite sheer. It's good stuff, but a bit expensive at $42 - however, a little goes a long way.
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If you check out AL, investigate their Cools = beige + peach + pink, and Pinks = beige + pink. The Everyday Minerals free samples that mentioned is also worth checking out because you get a bunch of stuff for only the price of shipping. If you find a match with them, it's quite worthwhile.
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Seconding Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer -- long time fan!
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Foundation, especially liquid/wet foundation, is really meant for evening out your skin tone. If that's not your goal, ditch it and start using a liquid concealer/powder combination.

Put a concealer of your choice on your finger and dab it under your eyes, on your zits, the red bits around your nostrils, whatever you want to conceal. Blend it into your skin until you can't see the spots where you used concealer. If it's impossible to blend or looks obvious you're using the wrong color.

When you're done using the concealer, apply translucent powder lightly with a big fluffy brush like this one over those areas to set the concealer. Then whack the brush on the side of your sink to get rid of the powder and go over your face again with a powder-less brush. That'll remove any excess powder. Voila!

On another note, translucent powder is also handy for setting eye makeup that tends to smudge.
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As a side note, if you switch from liquid-esque foundation to a powder, make sure to moisturize about 20 minutes before you start applying your makeup. Your skin will thank you.
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Try mixing your foundation with moisturizer to dilute the pigmentation. You can still apply straight foundation to your t-zone, and use the diluted blend on your cheeks. If you don't have any flaws on your cheeks, skip foundation there altogether. As long as you have a good color match, the difference between foundation/non-foundation areas shouldn't be noticable.
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When I use makeup, I mix my opaque foundation with a moisturizing sunscreen (Oil of Olay Total Defense, SPF 30). I have rosacea and would rather not have all my natural pink show through, but pure foundation makes me look like the corpse bride, so I go a little more sheer this way. Vary the ratio of sunscreen to foundation until you get the effect that you want.
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Nthing mineral makeup. I avoid the ones containing bismuth oxychloride because it makes me itch like a monkey. Aromaleigh has very cheap and generous samples, as does Everyday Minerals (I think?).
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I mix my foundation (Cover Girl) with moisturizer (Eucerin, SPF 30). It gives me coverage, but also doesn't look like a mask. Sometimes I apply blush, sometimes not. And it's a pretty inexpensive combo.
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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I think I'll try mixing the stuff I already have with moisturizer first, then go shopping if that doesn't work.
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oneirodynia, Everyday Minerals has greatly expanded their color range recently, even adding several popular mixes from their customers' suggestions. They have 32 shades now, and have good close-up photos of the colors in these shade families:
WARM yellow or red, peachy complexion
GOLDEN deep rich yellow color or sheen of gold
COOL pinkish and soft red undertones
BEIGE pale brown with tinge of yellow or pink
BUFF natural yellowish brown undertones
OLIVE yellowish green undertones

So, you may find something that works for you now! Also, their foundation conveniently lacks the bismuth oxychloride that makes hecho de la basura itch like a monkey (but how does she know??).

I don't work for them... I just like their product and their willingness to give transparency to their manufacturing process and upcoming products
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Nthing Laura Mercier. Also, the stylist lady told me that I could actually mix additional moisturizer into it if I wanted it even more sheer. This would cut down on the price.

Also, if I just want to cover up flaws, I sometimes use concealer (yves St. Laurent) alone. Not cheap, but it does let your natural color shine through!
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i believe covergirl's freshlook makeup has shades with a pinky tint. i like maybelline's purestay powder foundation (which i apply dry for sheer coverage) but i don't know if it comes in a shade pink enough.

you could also try blush....
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If you use an applicator sponge to apply the foundation, try wetting it, wringing it out and then putting foundation on the dampened sponge and apply. I find it gives a more sheer coverage. Adding moisturizer worked for some brands of foundation, but for others it made application/wear just too oily for my liking.
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Clinique has a product called "almost makeup." It's foundation-like, but pretty sheer. I don't think I could ever wear full-on foundation, but the almost makeup stuff smooths out my complexion a bit. I'm a fan.
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i liked "almost makeup" from clinique until i tried AVEDA's "tinted moisturizer"...its light and feels nice
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