When my taillights are on, my brake lights don't work. How to fix?
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While my taillights are off, my brake lights work just fine. When they are on, my left one goes out. How can I fix this? I'm driving a mid 80's Volvo. My car uses the same bulb for taillight and brake-light. Basically, while my taillights are supposed to be on, and I step on the brakes, that entire bulb turns off (on the left side).

Head/Tail lights switched OFF, foot ON the brake, brake light is illuminated. (as it should be)

Head/Tail lights switched ON, foot off the brake, tail light is illuminated. (as it should be)

Head/Tail lights switched ON, foot ON the brake, tail/brake light bulb is out. (broken!)
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Something similar to this happened with my '97 S90. Try putting in new brake lights on both sides. This is apparently a common issue.
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To clarify, only the left bulb goes out when I step on the brakes with the taillights on.
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Almost sounds like a ground issue. If you have a multi meter you can check to see if the ground wire came loose.
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Yep, it was my left bulb, too. Still recommend the dual-replacement.
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Replace both bulbs at the same time. If the problem continues, you may have a bad relay. Find the relay panel, swap the right and left relays, and see if the problem remains.

If it afflicts the opposite side, you have a bad relay.

If it afflicts the same side, you have a wiring fault, or a bad "control unit" (if your car even has a "control unit", many/most do not).
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Seconding Climber - my trailer does this when it doesn't have a good ground.
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This era of Volvos is known for flaky relay soldering that goes bad over time. If you're technically inclined, you can even pull the relay apart and test/resolder the connections. Free DIY!
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