I need snow chains for my 2006 Volvo S40
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Asking on behalf of someone else: I need snow chains for my 2006 Volvo S40. Official Volvo chains sell for at least $310, which is more than I'm willing to spend. Are there cheaper alternatives?

Volvo warns that, "No other types of chains (other than their official chains) may be used since there is a risk that the car may be damaged." From what I gather, the S40 has very tight clearance between the tires and the wheel well, and ordinary chains may rub against the well. In the worst case, there may be a possibility of snagging on a brake line. Those are risks I'm unwilling to take.

My question: Are there cheaper snow chains available that have the same tight profile as the official Volvo chains, which I can use with confidence? How would I know?
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SSC Z6 chains are the tightest clearance chains I know about, even though chains/cables aren't recommended for my vehicle (Subaru outback), I have a set of them.
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The SCC Z cables have the added benefit of being pretty darn easy to install, even on low-pro wheels. You don't have to reposition your car to drive over the chains during install -- they sort of sweep around the wheel and have a handy stretchy-connector thingie dingie. Available at auto parts stores, and if memory serves, about 50 bucks or so.
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I would recommend asking over at the Brick Board forum. If there is another option, these folks will know it.
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2006 Volvos HAVE to have landed at the junkyard by now, right? Ask your Volvo mechanic if he's acquired any, or check the junkyard. People forget them in their trunks when their car gets totalled and towed away. That's how I've gotten all my chains (though I don't have a Volvo).
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