Thick photography books on various topics...
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Who is the publisher of those thick photography books with various topics such as mountains, painting, architecture, etc.? Landscape format, around 20x15cm. Full-page pictures. As far as I remember, soft cover. I believe they're translated in several languages.
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I thought about Taschen. Cannot find a reference to those specific books on their website.
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If not Taschen then Phaidon perhaps?
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Phaidon doesn't seem to be the one either...
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There are a lot of art & architecture book publishers out there -- Taschen, Phaidon, Abrams, Thames & Hudson, Abbeville, D.A.P., Rizzoli, etc., not to mention museum publishers and university presses. Can you be more specific about the topics besides just "painting" or "architecture"? And were they published recently, or did you see them several years ago?
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Like "how to photograph" books, or books of photographs?
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It's a longshot, but Sterling?
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There are several topics (could be "lighthouses", "mountains", "paintings of the 19th century" etc.) and the books have the exact same format. They are a huge collection of hundreds of full-page photographs. They are still published and I remember seeing them at least in France and Poland, translated in local languages obvisously. Sorry I cannot be more specific.
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Brown Trout? Never seen them myself but if you put mountains + photographs and lighthouses + photographs into Amazon they come up.
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