Help me find this tile for a bathroom!
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Help me find this color and style of tile for a bathroom!

HERE is the link. Pottery Barn doesn't have the tile, and I've googled around for it to no avail.
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Which tile, the one on the walls? Or the floor?

The wall tile looks like a regular subway tile to me. There are some colors here that might be similar.
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The subway tile on the walls looks to be glass. I would google for glass tile.
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I would google for glass tile

Specifically, glass subway tile.
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Response by poster: It's the glass tile on the wall.
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check out Florida tile, they have a wide selection of colored subway tiles.
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I agree that it looks like glass; it seems to have depth and translucence. Glass subway style tile.
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Yes, it definitely looks like glass tile. No subway tile here, but a similar color and material (glass) is.
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Ann Sacks?
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It's glass tile. Ann Sacks is particularly well known for her stuff. She's also well known for her disturbingly sick prices. Still, it's a good place to go and get design ideas. Depending on where you're located, you can probably go to any upscale tile place, show them the pic and hey will point you in the right direction of where to get the tile you want. Just so you know, generally speaking, glass tile is as fabulous in cost as it is in looks. ;)
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@slowfasthazel: like minds... :)
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Pratt & Larson also carries it, I believe. And they will be as expensive, if not more, than Ann Sacks. Warning: once you start looking at any of these sites, you'll probably quickly forget about the blue glass subway tile from the Pottery Barn ad. :)
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Modwalls sells similar tile too, maybe less expensive than Ann Sacks.
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You can also order the tile using the volume discount power of one of the big box stores like Home Depot. I got glass and other expensive tile that way.

I simply went to the expensive tile store, wrote down what I wanted then went to the big box store and requested a look through THEIR catalogs from the same vendors/manufacturers and voila, the same tile very reasonably priced was on its way. You can also pit the big box stores with each other for a further 10% discount on the volume price.
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