Stubborn, blank external monitor acting like a teenager.
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My external monitor was working yesterday, now it is not. All of a sudden! It's turned on, plugged in to my Macbook, but I get a blank screen and clearly there's no syncing. But I KNOW that deep down IT knows the macbook is there, plugged in...

I know this because when it's plugged in i can't even drag a window "out of" my live laptop screen and into the blank screen - but when i unplug the cable, the external screen then gives me a "Check Signal Cable" message. Then it floats around, taunting me! Where to begin?
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Did you try hitting F7?
Or going into the Display settings under System Preferences and clicking Detect Displays?
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Response by poster: Yes! neither does anything. :(
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Does it say "digital" check signal cable or "analog?" If it says analog, you may have accidentally pushed something called the "source" button or something similar.
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Maybe the macbook does not know it is there. Did you try rebooting? That is a fairly trivial way to fix many wrongs.
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Response by poster: It does say analog! how do i fix this source button problem
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Best answer: What kind of monitor do you have? Try finding a button named source or something like that and pressing it. The reason it is not working is because it is looking for an analog signal, I think. You need to show it who's boss and make it start looking for a digital signal.
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Is it cold where you are?

There are issues with video cards and temperature on Macs (this is an issue I've had with G5's and dual monitors - and is well documented - although I can't find the link for you just now).
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Not too long ago I came across a blog post somewhere about the 'physical virus' for Macs -- a projector with a crappy cable was bending pins on Macs, so they'd stop working with projectors.

Check the pins -- maybe one got bent?
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Response by poster: Thank you. Bossness has been re-established. Even though somehow i feel like a moron.
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Don't feel like a moron. The reason I could answer your question was because it happened to me about a month ago.
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What I meant to say, was the reason I came in here to answer your question because it happened...
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If it helps, I have a 23" cinema that does this periodically

Take a flashlight or desk lamp up close to the monitor... if it's only the backlight that's out, you should be able to see normal screen content.
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