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I'm looking for some places to meditate/shut out the world that are in or just outside of New York City. Weekend trips to temples would also be helpful.

The last question asking about meditation didn't garner an incredibly extensive responses, but I did read it. Temples, classes, retreats: I want them all. Thanks in advance.
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This buddhist temple on the Upper West Side has an incredible meditation workshop on wednesday nights, which is usually a very small quiet group (in a gorgeous setting). Anyone with questions can email me.

Also, check out the Lotus Garden. Anyone who makes a donation to this very secluded community garden gets a key that they can use to visit whenever they want. It's rare to wind up bumping into a single other person while you're there.
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The Cloisters.

If the solitude-in-a-crowd thing works for you, try the Staten Island ferry. I used to ride it back and forth and read.
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If you're looking for a weekend trip, I've heard good things about Sky Lake Lodge

The New York Shambhala Center has an open house Tuesdays at 7, and community meditation practice Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7 and Sunday mornings.
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You might be interested in the World Buddhist Directory.
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The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden
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This is close to Rochester. Granted that's not right outside NYC, but it's worth a look. I've not yet visited but I hope to go soon. I like their approach, it's pretty straight forward and low key. They have very little 'group identity' and no agenda or dogma to promote. One possible exception, having a place to appreciate silence is a good thing.

Springwater is associated with Toni Packer. She has a number of books that you can browse and get a feel for what the place has to offer.
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