Shuls in NY and DC
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Help me find a shul to attend in New York and Washington D.C.

During my upcoming invasion of American soil I will be saying Kaddish for my late father. What are the closest Orthodox shuls within walking distance of:
  • New York: Holiday Inn Express on 5th Ave 45th St E
  • Washington DC: Liasion Capitol Hill Hotel on 415 New Jersey Ave
The 5th Avenue Shul seems to be exactly what I need but they are on 62nd Street which seems like quite a walk and their morning services seem to start at 7:30 (I'm more used to going at 6:30).
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I can't speak to the quality of 5th Avenue Shul but I can say that the numbered street blocks in New York are fairly short...according to google maps the distance is 0.8 miles. That's definitely walkable. With stopping for lights it should take you 30 minutes or less to get to the synagogue. If you are really used to going to shul at 6:30, you can get up a the same time and walk there with plenty of time.
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There seem to be only two Orthodox synagogues in DC, neither of which are close to your hotel:

Kesher Israel
2801 N St., NW
(202) 333-2337

Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah Congregation
1600 Jonquil St., NW
(202) 882-7225

However, closer to you is the 6th and I Historic Synagogue, one of the oldest in DC. I can't tell from their Web site whether they are orthodox or not. But, it's supposed to be a magnificent house of worship.
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I would call Chabad. They will be able to point you to the shuls you need.
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If you're not opposed to Chabad, there's a Chabad center with, it appears, a morning minyan, on fifth avenue at about 43rd st. The schedule in the link here is a jpg so I can't read it on my phone.

Keep in mind, not many people live in midtown, so services there may be timed for after people's commute into the city.

There's also a synagogue in the Diamond District (47th btw 5th ave and 6th ave) I believe. I can't find a link on line, but might be able to stop by and find you a schedule on wednesday if that'd be helpful.
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Best answer: Here's a list w/ phone numbers:

The Garment Center Congregation, the Millnery District Synagogue, and the Radio City Synagogue (which appears to be the one on 47th st) are all closer to your hotel in NYC I think than the 5th ave Synagogue.
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Call ahead for all these places! I'm just some guy on the internet, who's not even Jewish...
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There isn't a big Orthodox community in Washington DC, so there aren't a lot of morning minyanim. Most Orthodox people in that area live in the suburbs--particularly in Silver Spring. There are some Mincha minyans (listed here under DC) for people who work in DC, but I don't know if that would work for you.
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6th and I isn't orthodox at all, they are reformed, but they are an easy walk from your hotel.
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what days of the week will you be in NYC? There are more options during the work week than during Shabbat...
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Response by poster: From Sunday to Friday.
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