Chess strategy tutorial software?
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I want to learn to play chess. Anybody know of a good computer program to help me learn? More inside.

I'm not looking for basic instructions, but a sort of strategy tutorial program. I used to play occasionally, and I was okay, but now I can't really play at all.
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Chessmaster is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to get your feet wet. If you find the price too steep, Chessmaster 8000 and 7000 are quite good as well.
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Here's an inspirational story:

Magnificent Magnus, the world's youngest grandmaster (13 years old!)
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I second Chessmaster.
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That kid's amazing.
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I agree Chessmaster is good (at least back when I used it a few years ago) but another option you might consider is Fritz which is pretty much the same program used in the Man v. Machine matches with Kasparov. It includes a good amount of stuff for training beginners and can grow with you as you improve.
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I recommend the book "Chess Fundamentals" by Capablanca.
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Response by poster: I picked up a copy of Chessmaster, and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the recommendation, everyone.

I might also take a look at the Capablanca book, bingo, thanks.
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Oooh. Now I'm tempted too. I've never been able to learn from a book. I always feel like if I could figure out those static diagrams and see what I'm supposed to see from them, I'd already be great at chess.
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Response by poster: Scarabic, it's pretty great. My favorite thing is that it has a "classroom" with literally tens of thousands of practice setups and drills. I don't like the static diagrams much myself, and this is a vast improvement.
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LMC: theory is good, but practice is better. has a java board and you can play for free. I've subscribed, and found that going over my previous games has really helped. Best Lessons of a Chess Coach is a really good book.
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