Good preschool / K software for Mac?
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What's the best preschool/kindergarten software for Mac?

My daughter has her ABC's down pat pretty well, and she can match things with things, and name the shapes. We'd like to buy her some more software. She really likes Reader Rabbit but it doesn't seem to work well on the Mac -- the programs don't seem to have been updated since 2001, and they crash all the time. What can I buy her?
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Best answer: My daughter loves the games at, which are of course free.
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Best answer: There are some suggestions here; there are suggestions for websites here and here if you are interested in them as well.
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Both of our kids (now 8 and almost 5) have enjoyed Kutoka Software's "Didi & Ditto" games. Our son, the current 8-year old, played their 1st grade-level game when he was in 1st grade, while our daughter, who will be entering kindergarten in the fall, has enjoyed their pre-K game. I'm not going to claim that either game is a Mensa-level challenge, but both games have great graphics, run very well on Intel-based iMacs, and do teach/reinforce basic math and verbal skills.

Our daughter also likes the Mac "Cat-in-the-Hat" software.

Both kids also really love Kid Pix. Be sure to get the version offered by Software MacKiev (version 3, maybe?), as there is a later version offered by Broderbund (IIRC) that is absolutely not as good.
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Oops. Here are the links I meant to include:

Kutoka Interactive

Software MacKiev
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