Did Brahms copy Beethoven?
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Classical music filter: Did Brahms copy Beethoven in his third symphony?

About four minutes into the fourth movement of Brahms' third symphony there is about a thirty second span of music that sounds like something straight out of a Beethoven symphony. More specifically, a near ripoff of parts of the third movement of Beethoven's 5th...
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"Brahms was a master of allusion and he generally intended his references to be heard ("Any ass can see that", he is supposed to have said when anyone of them was recognized)"....

You might want to take a look at this article (where that excerpt is from) where the habit of "quotation" by 19th century composers and the references and borrowing of Beethoven by Brahms are discussed and several examples are offered - but not the one you mention, alas.
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I'd say there's a strong influence and maybe even an homage, but it's not quite a ripoff.

If memory serves, it's well-known that part of Brahms's First Symphony is a rip-off of (or homage to) the "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth, so it wouldn't be surprising if another Brahms symphony ripped off another Beethoven symphony.

But this is just my intuition, and I don't think it particularly matters how we choose to label it. It's not as if there's an question that Beethoven had a profound influence on Brahms, and there are plenty of rip-offs in classical music (e.g. much of Handel's works were supposedly plagiarized).
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*any question
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Response by poster: Fascinating article, thanks for the answers.
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Actually, the Beethoven arguably borrows from Mozart.
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Jaltcoh -- funny you should mention that; I just got back from an orchestra rehearsal for Brahms 1 and the director was mentioning the same thing.
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