Help a midiot control a Line6 Pod
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I have a friend who is looking to control a Line6 2.0 Pod using a Behringer FCB1010 floor MIDI controller. Specifically, he wants a wah sound.

I've looked around the web and it's not really clear if the Line6 2.0 even has a wah sound (some google hits talk about using it, but it's not listed on the effect list on the Line6 website). But of course if it does, it can only be accessed through a controller. Also, does anyone have a MIDI control parameter list for the Pod 2.0?
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Best answer: Download the Pod manual here. You'll need to create an account on the Line6 site first. It includes information about the wah and a complete list of MIDI settings.

The Yahoo group for the FCB1010 contains a files section with helpful stuff. You'll need to create an account on Yahoo if don't already have one. Here's an entire page of files for using the FCB1010 with the Pod. The file "FCB1010 Setup for Line6 POD.pdf" includes instructions for setting up the wah.

If you need to change the FCB1010 settings, don't bother trying to learn the ridiculous series of button presses. Download the FCB1010 Editor from the Yahoo group, and you can change things directly on your PC screen, and send and receive MIDI sysex files to the FCB1010. Much, much easier.

Calibrate your expression pedals before you try using this. The FCB1010 manual describes how.
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fuzz wins, but I wanted to add that Line6 has some fairly good forums that will surely help you out if you use their gear much:
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