Help me find obscure, romantic things to do in London
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Can you find me obscure things to do in London to help me win my girlfriend back?

So, things are a little rocky, to say the least, but we're talking and I think there's still hope, so I need a little help from the hive mind.

We live in London, and I've got some days that I'm devoting to showing her what she could have with me, so I need some help to find some romantic things in London.

The reason that I need your help is that we *live* in London, so I need something a little more obscure than a suggestion to go on the London Eye, since we've done that about 20 times already.

To give you a bit of a guide, we loved going to Denis Severs' House and I think she's been to the Soane Museum already and very much enjoyed it.

I suppose the final thing is that, under the circumstances, I don't want her to feel really manipulated, so although romantic is good, too obviously romantic might be bad.
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I became weak at the knees when a fella took me to Firevault (which is here). It's a fireplace showroom, but a bar and small restaurant at night. They used to have a great webpage but much looking just now can't find it. It's a wee bit expensive and don't be alarmed by the harsh looking Russian woman who will let you downstairs to the bar. The place is gorgeous, roaring fireplaces and little nooks to hide in for some away-from-eyes time. Go a little later on a weeknight - we hit it on Tuesday around 10pm and had the place practically to ourselves. God, I had such a good time.
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It's not obscure and might not meet your definition of romantic, but walking on Hampstead Heath/Parliament Hill is a soothing and head-straightening experience. Being in a green space looking down on the city gives a sense of perspective. You could take a kite.
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For something a bit random, you could go on one of these: London Chocolate Walking Tour
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Take a boat from Westminster Pier to Kew Gardens, spend the rest of the day getting "lost" among the flowers.
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you may have done Sir John Soames already but the first Tuesday of every month they do the tour by candelight! and as you've said she liked it, even better.
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that's Soanes, Soanes, (why do I alwsay do that?)
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Three unrelated suggestions:

19 Princelet St isn't open again this year, but fits with the Severs/Soane theme.

This Squares of Islington walk would be nice on a Sunday, and certainly somewhat obscure.

How about a half day training at the Circus Space?
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Great Houses of Greater London?

That's what I would do if I had a day in London.
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But really, when it comes to healing a relationship, it isn't the venue - it's what you say in the venue.
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This one may be obvious if you've lived in London for a while, but the candlelit concerts at St. Martin-in-the-fields are absolutely wonderful. And it looks like they're just about to reopen after renovation - bonus! I also like the cafe in the crypt for a coffee or small bite.

Again, somewhat obvious if you've been in London for a while, but many people fail to really do the parks properly. There are so many romantic nooks and crannies in Hyde/Kensington Park around the Serpentine (my favorite is the Peter Pan statue), and Regent Park is just beautiful. The Japanese gardens are well worth the visit. There's also a huge park in Kent/Surrey where you can rent horses (can't remember the name). Packing a picnic for a gorgeous day in the park... well, that's my idea of romance.
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Mrs. B says that if you liked Soane's museum, you might also like the Geffrye Museum. The Greenwich foot tunnel is fun, as is Greenwich itself. Gordon's wine bar is a damp, atmospheric, underground Victorian wine bar by the river. How about Kenwood or Highgate cemetery followed by a warm-up drink in the Spaniards. If those are boring, you could try slightly scary, overgrown Abney Park Cemetery (there are a couple of nice pubs nearby on Stoke Newington Church St). You could go on a tour to find the London locations mentioned by TS Eliot in the Waste Land (e.g. St Magnus the Martyr). Perhaps there's a Dickens or Pepys equivalent tour. Or you could go to Borough market and pick up something delicious to cook.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I think this is a great collection, but it now seems like it would be a futile exercise. I guess at least that means that I've got a great list for when the next person comes along.
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just for information of those who may search this forum: I went past Firevault last week and it looked like it was now closed.
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sorry to hear that, minifig. :(
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london302: Well, now the suddenly non-existent website for Firevault makes sense. Thanks for the heads up, such a shame.
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Firevault, a mefi-metaphor.
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