'Mad Men' in New York
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'Mad Men' - know of any real-life New York City locations mentioned in the show? I'm making a map of NYC according to 'Mad Men' and would love to have other fans' input.

I'm going through the episodes to make as comprehensive as possible a map of real-life NYC locales mentioned on the show. A few I recall just from first viewing, such as the Drapers' household in the suburb of Ossining, the recent dance night at PJ Clarke's, the Campbells' Upper East Side apartment, Madison Avenue for Sterling Cooper, Henri Bendel (likely?) for the Menken dept store, the Village for the beatnik lovenest, etc. Other venues -- especially obscure ones like bars or restaurants referenced, are most welcome. thanks!
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Didn't the psycho copywriter (the one schtupping Peggy) buy a home on the Upper East side with a pretty specific address (which I don't remember)?
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I think they're supposed to be at El Morocco in one or two of the dining out scenes. There's also a reference in the first (?) episode to girls at the bachelor party working at the Automat.
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When Draper meets the jewlery store client to ask her about Jews, I believe they meet in the Pierre Hotel, now the Taj Pierre, on 5th Ave. at 61st.
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Response by poster: thanks much!
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Response by poster: and here's the map!


thx again

chris m
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Hang on, at some point Rachel says that the Menken dept store "shares a wall with Tiffany's", so it could just as likely be Bergdorf-Goodman as Henri Bendel since neither actually share a wall, but both are nearby. Perhaps there was something else back in the Mad Men days where Trump's awful looking tower is today.
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Ossining is 40 miles north of the city. It is home to Sing Sing, the legendary New York Maximum security prisin.
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Response by poster: Yep, I just decided to call it as Henri Bendel because of Bendel having a somewhat historic female executive, though the parallels are hardly exact. And it could have zero relation to what the creators intended, really. For amusement only.

And yep, Ossining is kind of a long commute, but it's mentioned several times on the show. Westchester was Westchestery, even then.
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Aye, I saw that female exec detail at closer inspection. That sounds pretty good to me, Henri Bendel it is then. :) I guessed it might be BG after the episode where Rachel shows Draper around and their staircase looks just like the stairs in the makeup department of BG.
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