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I'm looking for real New York area bars that have appeared on current television.

Emphasis on "current," otherwise I'd be rummaging through the Sex and the City bin, and on "bar/club." I already have Gossip Girl (so many to choose from, but I went with the thinly-veiled Box) and Mad Men has a scene at PJ Clarke's. Rescue Me films from that tiny "social club" up in Greenpoint. The Office recently featured a nameless, too-spacious Manhattan club (I think it was called Prerogative), but it hardly looked like the real deal. I need other shows, but I'm blanking on current TV that features authentic NYC nightlife that has the natives going, "Hey! I've been there!" 30 Rock? Lipstick Mafia/Cashmere Jungle? How I Met Your Mother? Ugly Betty is set in New York/Queens but is filmed in LA, so I don't know if they referenced and shot any actual venues.
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Doesn't sound exactly like what you want but on the show Three Sheets, which airs on MOJO, is about a guy that basically goes out drinking in different cities around the world, they did a show in New York and went to ~5 New York bars.
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it was an old episode, but the show is still on the air - law & order featured the trivia night at dempsey's.
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I'm a regular attendee at Dempsey's trivia!

Vazac's/7B/horseshoe bar is used in many, many things -- Godfather, the Paper, Crocodile Dundee, the Verdict... in fact, I was once in there at around 5 in the afternoon and whatever show was on TV had a scene that was filmed there... very strange...
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I know from having watched many episodes of Law and Order with a roommate who went to Columbia that many of the scenes from that show are filmed around the Upper West Side, in real locations - she even once saw a bar she used to hang out in, but I have no idea which one.
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