Name that IE6 CSS Bug!
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Help, CSS bugs! What IE6 bugs are these?

The site looks fine in Firefox, Safari, and IE7. I've searched through the lists of bugs, but I'm not sure what bugs these are classified as, so I'm not sure how really to fix them.

1) why is the navigation spilling onto two lines;
2) why is the background of the text disappearing (I've tried removing the float without resolution)
3) why is the footer not lining up tightly against the bottom of the container?

Thanks in advance!
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Step 1: ">Validate

This will let you rule out any possible tag mismatches that one browser may be fixing for you one way, but IE fixes for you another.

Step 2: Come back when Step 1 is complete.
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Response by poster: Validated.
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I can view thickbox.css in a browser, but the validator doesn't like it. There are minor errors in style.css.

Position Is Everything is a good resource for IE-specific bugs.
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Response by poster: Yeah, only styles.css is being used currently. Just didn't know if someone could eyeball the page and say immediately "Oh, this is obviously bug X." The nav is essentially 5 float:left's with an image on the right, and the width of the images adds up, but IE is putting it onto two lines.
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You can fix the header with a rule such as "#nav img { float: left }". Not sure about the other things.
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I don't have access to IE right now, but I have some ideas.

First of all, read this article.

Try removing any spaces or breaks between the <li>, even if the whole list is in a single line. Sometimes IE adds the space of the breaks/whitespace. If you want to keep each <li> in a single line, you can try this:
You can fix some weird behaviours by adding "display: relative" to the element, have you tried it for your text container?

Use an id for your footer and specify its margin, padding and height.

Also, in the future, use Reset Reloaded instead of margin and padding = 0 for all the elements. That way you don't have to restyle some elements that need margin and padding, like form inputs, and you have a good base for all the elements.

Hope this helps!
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