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Can a letter sent from Montreal arrive in Paris in under a week?
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I used to get post from Aust to the UK in a couple of days. Unless the French postal service is really crap, I'd expect this to be quite possible.
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I would be willing to bet you can get a letter sent just about anywhere in the world in under a week, if you are willing to pay for it.
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It might. I can't find a service level on lettermail, but on airmail small packets which should have similar delivery times, from major Canadian centers to major European centers, the expected delivery time is 6-10 days. Montreal is a Despatching Exchange Office and Paris is a major center so it could well make it in that time frame. But if you absolutely have to get it there in that timeframe, I wouldn't count on it.

Xpresspost offers a guaranteed 4 day delivery standard. On the other hand, sending a letter is less than $2 and sending an Xpresspost envelope is about $50, so...
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Oh, actually, I knew it had to be around somewhere, I just had to look harder. The delivery estimate from a major Canadian center to a major International destination is 4 to 7 business days. Montreal to Paris is likely to fall on the low end of that scale, but still--that's an estimate, not a guarantee and those are business days.
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I've had mail travel between England and Canada in 3 days. Meanwhile mail from the USA to France could take weeks. Either way, UPS can get it there yesterday.
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rsanheim has it (at least without more information). Are you asking about how long regular air mail takes or just hypothetically (as in is there any service that can get mail from x to y in under a week).

Short answer, Yes
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Blue Beetle is right: United Parcel Service or Federal Express will get it there in less than a week -- but you'll pay a lot for that guarantee.

If you rely on the postal service, it's anybody's guess how long it will take. You certainly can't rely on it being less than a week, however. If they send it by ship, it could be a month and a half.
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We live in Strasbourg, and have received a USPS first class letter sent from Texas yesterday, nine days after it was sent. Remove a day or two to get it from TX to the east coast, another day to get it from Paris to Strasbourg, and your letter might just make it in time.
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Yes, if you're moderately lucky, the other way around, however...
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I've had things take ten or eleven days to get from Halifax to Florida. Perhaps you can get it from Montreal to Paris in a week, but I wouldn't trust Canada Post to get it there unless you pay extra.
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Within a week, that is.
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Montreal to Paris, regular air mail (no postal card), no public holiday on either side, less than a week: all the time.
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I got a letter in Kathmandu from Boston in under a week once. Sent regular U.S. mail and delivered by the Nepali system. So anything is possible.
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Yes, Montreal-Paris is completely possible in under a week. I live in a small town in the south of France and I often get mail from Port Colburne, Ontario, Canada in 5 days. (Air Mail!) The thing that typically slows mail down is postal strikes ...happening particularly in France. But there haven't been any recently.
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