Preserving the Magic
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Andrew Bird's 2005 show on Fabchannel is my favorite performance of all time. How can I preserve it before the license expires and the gig is over?

I've seen other videos on Fabchannel go offline (Death From Above 1979, recently), and I would die if the Andrew Bird show did. It's an odd kind of true Flash streaming, so my usual tricks don't work. Is there any way I can buy / store / etc. this concert, or ask them to keep it online?

Or, given Bird's continuing policy of allowing people to bootleg all performances, could it stay online forever?
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Don't know the date, but you might be able to find a version online here.
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Best answer: You can use a program like Replay Media Catcher to grab these otherwise elusive RTMP streams. I've got the program installed here, I'll rip it for you and upload it somewhere.
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I don't have an answer to your question, but I do want to say thanks for pointing this out. I am watching it right now on Fabchannel, and it is indeed the bomb.
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Best answer: andrew.bird-20050501.flv (278 MB)
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Thanks, rhomboid! I just saw him live for the third time on Wednesday night (in Durham, NC - first two times were Bloomington, IN and Memphis, TN). It was amazing! It was a perfect time for me to see this.
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another thanks, i'm seeing him for the third time tonight. is this leg of the tour just him, or is dosh or the other guitar player still along for the ride?
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Response by poster: Thanks Rhomboid!

@andrewzipp: I think he's still with Dosh and Jeremy. I'll always be hoping for a return of Kevin O'Donnell.
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