Princeton Review screening exam
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Please come in if you have applied online to teach for Princeton Review.

I would like to apply for a part-time job teaching standardized test prep. The introduction to the online application form for the Princeton Review mentions that a "screening exam" is included, and I'm wondering what that entails.

I'm not looking for the actual questions/answers/whatever...I'm really just wondering if this is something timed for which I need to be in a quiet space and focused - I've never filled out an application that I couldn't pause and come back to. Thanks for any advice!
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From what I recall (I applied several years ago), the screening exam was timed and you can't pause and come back to finish it. It's pretty short, so you do want to be careful, as every question will count.
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Yes, it is a short, timed exam and you should take it in a quiet place where you can concentrate on it. And you should take the whole thing, even if you only want to teach math or english and think you will blow the other part, because you will be disqualified if you only take half. Good luck! feel free to gmail me.
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My understanding is that if in the last five years you scored over X on a paticular exam, you don't need to take the screening test to teach that exam. This might just be the policy in this area, but I'd call the local office and ask. It might save you some time/hassle.
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I applied many many many years ago but I didn't show up for the interview because I found a better job ahead of time. IIRC, someone told me to expect to teach them something. Anything. Like how to iron a shirt correctly or how to make a PB&J sandwich.
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Not a direct answer to your question, but I thought I'd add it because it's related. Good luck!
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