Hardwood floor vacuum
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I'm looking for a reasonably priced vacuum for use on hardwood floors. Doesn't need any sort of powered brushes just suction. Thanks!
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I use a Roomba discovery and it is awesome. You can get rebuilt Roomba's on ebay for a good price.
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Buy a used or rebuilt Filter Queen. They are common, cheap, easy to use, have excellent suction, and you can attach another hose to the top outlet to blow all the fine dust (that would normally pass through the paper filter) outside through a window or door.
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2nd recommendation for a Roomba. Ours does fantastic on the wood floors.
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Seconding a Filter Queen. My mom bought one used shortly after I was born, and still uses it (I'm pushing 34)!!

When I bought my house, the first thing I went out and acquired for my new house was a refurbished Filter Queen. I fully expect it to outlive me.
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We have this one. Eureka 437AZ Two floor settings, one just suction, one with brush. I think it ran me about $65. Has lasted 3 years so far.
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I just bought a Eureka Quick Up cordless vacuum and it is terrific. After struggling for about two years with my oversized and overpowered upright, Mrs. alms and I can now keep up with the daily dirt on our wood floors. After our old vacuum, this 5.5 pound unit feels weightless. Plus, it's designed for wood floors.

I don't know if how well it would work for a large house, but ti's great for our 1,400 square foot unit.
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The latest Consumer Reports Magazine has an extensive review.
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Could you quantify "reasonably priced." I love my Dyson (DC14), especially on hard wood floors, but I don't know if that counts as reasonable.
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Oh, the Eureka cordless cost me $40. I'm pretty sure that counts as reasonably priced.
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This might help: Help me find a lightweight affordable vaccuum and my previous question about Roombas.

For the record, I bought an electrolux pronto from Target. Or something like that (definitely pronto, I don't remember the brand). And it seems to get the job done. I like how it's also a dustbuster.
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Oh, but it was $100, so it may not be reasonably priced. There was a black & decker one that was cheaper.
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