I'm not a number, I'm a postcode!
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You know when you're filling out a online address form, and they ask for your postcode then find your full address? Yeah, that doesn't work for me. How do I fix this?

I've just recently moved into a new flat, in a block that was converted from offices above a shop. When I put my postcode into one of these forms, the only two options I have to pick for my address are the shop, or somewhere that isn't even on the correct road.

I guess there is some Royal Mail maintained database with all this on, so who do I have to contact to update it? Is this even possible? Will I just get bogged down in horrible bureaucracy trying to prove that yes, my home does actually exist? Perhaps you can let me know.
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I've had that experience before and I just had to wait it out - the lists are updated fairly frequently so you will (eventually) find it works for you.
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Yep, had same problem and the only thing to do is wait it out - you should be ok in a few months.
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I find with those sorts of forms they give you the address and ask if it's correct, and if not you can edit it, so the obvious answer (which I expect you know about) is to do that.

Otherwise if they don't let you edit it then maybe there's somewhere where you can specify any special delivery instructions and you can put "address is Flat X above shop"? Or maybe tell the shop owners that anything delivered to them addressed to Mr O Goblin Esq is actually for you and it's not your fault it gets sent to the wrong place.

But yeah I assume they will update the database soon enough. You could always go to your local post office and explain the problem and see if they can help you or direct you to someone who can.
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