Is UK postcode data freely available in the public domain?
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Is UK postcode data freely available in the public domain?

If I wanted to get a list of all known UK postcodes, is this data publicly available for no cost?

I presume that the electoral role will reveal most of this, although not all of it. That would suggest that all postcodes and addresses are in the public domain. Is that accurate?

I've read about the Postcode Address File and QAS. I'm not interested in data or services that have a cost. However, I am curious about why there is a charge for some of these services, such as QAS. (I presume it's for the licensing for the code that searches the PAF, and for regular updates to the data, rather than for the data itself.)

But is UK postcode data - in theory - public property?

Oh... I don't intend to spam anyone :-)
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Electoral role will do it. I think.


(as a side note I used the electoral role to register "interest" in broadband to get my exchange enabled. it worked as well)
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I have used QAS in the past, and was charged on a per user basis as well as for the quarterly updates.
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Well, I know that my company (which does mapping/routing/etc services in N.America and W Europe) has to buy/licence/whatever the data from Royal Mail. And we get everything - up to 7 or 8 characters or whatever the max is.

Seems like this guy has data for at least the first 3-4 chars of the postcode. It won't get you exact matches but seems to be all of the main areas...

But I'm surprised at the lengths that Royal Mail has gone to prevent people from using postcode lookups - you have to bloody login for crying out loud!

Disclaimer: I live in Canada so I'm not 100% sure how the British system works.
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Try looking at UK Info Disk Pro.

It's far from free though.
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No. Post Codes are not public domain. The post office own them all. You can get various databases of them though, doesn't mean they are public domain information though.
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There's a Free The Postcode site, so I guess they aren't free.
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There is this too.
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But if you're interested, there are organisations who are lobbying to open up post-codes and map data in the UK.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, some really interesting info there, much obliged.
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