Liberal/Lefty/Progressive Blogs that might help a small non-profit raise some cash?
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The social justice non-profit I work for is currently participating in a contest run by Six Degrees. Basically, if we are one of the six non-profits that have the largest unique number of on-line donations (given to our organization through a specific link) we'll get grant that doubles the money we raised, up to $10,000. (In other words, we need to have the most givers, not raise the most cash.) Can you suggest any socially progressive/liberal/lefty blogs (along the lines of DailyKos or Turn Maine Blue) with decent readerships that might be willing to plug our group and help us gather donations? The contest ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm, and although we've pushed hard via emails, etc. with our own contacts and member base (we're currently in the top ten), we need to expand our reach quickly if we're going to end up in the top six.
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why are you limiting this solicitation to "socially progressive/liberal/lefty" blogs? philanthropists don't fall neatly into your categories. i voted for kerry and support gay marriage. i'm also a strict colorblind meritocrat who owns several guns. why don't you start by telling us exactly what your social justice non-profit does?
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Here's their report on the company, (found by clicking through to website on profile and then to the donations page).
Maine People's Resource Fund.
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Could you post it to metafilter projects? I'm not sure if that might be appropriate.
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