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Can you direct me to websites for companies that sell things, but also have a strong educational component to support the things they sell?

I'm looking for the websites of companies that focus on educating their customers about their product or companies that use product education as a selling tool. I'm thinking of products that are raw materials you would make something out of, but I'm interested in any suggestions you might have.

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SciToys? Science lessons throughout.
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SparkFun Electronics has a great tutorials section, and lots of links to datasheets and projects that incorporate each of their more complicated products.
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Sheldon Brown/Harris Cyclery
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Aperion Audio
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NiceIce has a lot of relatively unbiased (and entertainingly-presented) information about buying diamonds, although the site design is a little raw. You will probably find that most legitimate diamond websites have fair to excellent educational sections.
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Almost everything referenced by, referencing, or otherwise related to Make magazine. Especially the MAKE MP3 player.


Evil Mad Scientist--they sell interactive tables as well as a few kits, but their site is primarily diy/instructions.
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iFloor has this buying guide, which includes giving some of the brands they sell a 1/5 in major categories. It seems quite honest and is certainly detailed. Their learning center is pretty extensive in general.
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I wonder if knitting/yarn sites fit the bill? Like Lion Brand. They offer a lot of free patterns and ideas for things to make designed specifically for their yarns. (of course, you can substitute any yarn you want, as long as it fits the pattern, but Lion Brand won't tell you that.)
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Fungi Perfecti
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