Entertainment and pop culture commuter listening?
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Can anyone recommend further listening along the lines of "The Treatment" in Real/WMA/mp3-based streaming format? I mean, obviously there's "Fresh Air" and "ATC." But are there more? I drive a lot. A LOT. I am interested in entertainment and popular culture. Not so much the political, please, unless it's far-out crackpot funny stuff.
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This American Life?
posted by gramcracker at 12:02 AM on May 8, 2004

Studio 360. But I'm not sure about the streaming capabilities. How are you streaming it to your car, anyway?
posted by blueshammer at 5:31 AM on May 8, 2004

There have been a lot of threads in ask.mefi about converting streams to .mp3, just so you know.
posted by mecran01 at 6:04 AM on May 8, 2004

On The Media does a great job IMHO.
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Response by poster: Oh, I know how to convert the streams to MP3 and get them playing in my car [Streamers => a certain white massively marketed portable audio device => {either a cassette adapter or the iTrip, depending on whose car}]. Wink wink nudge nudge saynomore. I just wanted some fresh fodder and a couple of Google searches I tried weren't really helping.

Thanks gramcracker, I forgot about them. And thanks also blueshammer and y6y6y6, those are great ideas. Looks like I'm covered for months to come.

I had no idea just how much stuff was archived on BBC. In particular, I think I'll be checking a few of the Janice Long shows out. I add these not really to answer my own question, but for the sake of others who might find this thread down the line.
posted by britain at 7:33 AM on May 8, 2004

Do a search for scott carrier--he has some good material, and is a frequent contributor to this american life.
posted by mecran01 at 2:45 PM on May 8, 2004

The Writer's Almanac is a daily stop for me.
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Survival Kit is fun, and sized in 30 minute chunks.
posted by Hildago at 9:38 PM on May 9, 2004

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