I need a simple system with TWO HDMI inputs.
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What is the the best "Home Theater in a Box" system I can get with TWO HDMI inputs?

I'm not going to put this thing together piece by piece. I have a small place and an HTIB would do just fine...if I could find a system with more than one HDMI input. My TV has only one input and I really want to run everything through the receiver. AND I'd love to cut down on cable tangle. And if this works it'd be perfect. Cable from the DVD player to stereo. Cable from Time Warner to the stereo. Cable from Stereo to TV. PERFECT.

So the mission is simple:

Home Theater in a Box
Two Inputs for HDMI (not digital optical cable, not component video, just HDMI inputs with complete passthrough ability).

As for the speakers, I'm open. If there's a great 3.1 that sounds good and there's two HDMI I'll be fine.

Any suggestions MEFI?
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Not sure on on systems but if all else fails you can get a HDMI swith/hub. Looks like prices range from $50-100.
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Try AVS forum; they really helped me find the right sound system for my apartment. If you check out their HTIB section and/or post your question above, I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.
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