Help me build a treehouse
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Websites or other sources with plans for a simple but solid treehouse . . .

I want to build a treehouse (or a simple platform) for a 7 year old child just overcoming a fear of climbing and heights. The tree selected is a sturdy old dogwood on flat ground that has a fairly low split -- three subtrunks rising from the main trunk, making a nice triangular support frame at about 4 feet high, which is just about the perfect height. I can probably plan a simple deck-style platform, but have never built one before so would appreciate links to good designs online or tips from people who have done it. I want to do it right, with a solid ladder, and maybe a partial roof. And it has to be totally tight so its occupant feels secure. I have decent basic carpentry skills. What are the pitfalls? Cool design ideas? Links to pictures of other cool treehouses?
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There are lots of free woodworking plans online. Here, for instance is a bunch of links to various types of treehouses.

This guy seems to have done a triangular platform higher, but like the one you seem to be describing. (I personally wouldn't build inside the tree, because trees' circumference will grow over time; all my family's outside constructions were alongside and largely independent of the trees.)
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I can build inside the tree because I don't expect this version to serve for more than 2 or 3 years, and this is a very old and slow-growing tree.
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The Dangerous Book for Boys has a great chapter on building a treehouse. Link.
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Response by poster: This is for a girl, just in case any stereotypes need busting.
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