Do black earrings exist?
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In search of simple black earrings (pierced). They can be small hoops, studs or wires. Not necessarily onyx or obsidian - could be rubber, for all I care, but definitely not pearls. I'd like something kind of like just the hoop part on these. If combined with metal, preferred color is silver.
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These look decent. They're piercing studs, so they'll probably be a bit sharp on the back. These are nice, too.

Just keep looking at the "also viewed" section on the page, and you'll likely be led to something you like.
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What gauge are you? Check these out.
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Here is a wide selection of styles, and they are all nickel-free and lightweight to reduce irritation.
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I was thinking the same as Cat Pie Hurts... check your local piercer, black is pretty common for captive bead rings, etc.
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I think carbon fiber is a neat option for black earrings. It's lightweight, strong and the fact that it's carbon appeals to me.
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ditto the captive bead rings. you can get the whole thing in black, or silver with black beads.
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If you're interested in CBRs and you've never stretched your ears, you'll want to get 20ga or 18ga. That's about the size of a regular earring post. You won't stretch the piercing.

Caution on CBRs for the uninitiated, however: The bead can be a right bastard to get back in by yourself. Practice removing and replacing the bead a few times before you put the jewelry in the piercing.
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If there's a nice bead shop in your neighborhood, you can probably get one of the clerks there to teach you to make a pair exactly like those for ten bucks or so, materials included.

If you were in my area*, I'd offer to make them for you, and to accompany you to the bead shop to find the materials. It's a simple task, once you find the black stone (or glass) beads, which should be pretty widely available. Unless there's some hidden complication to the jewelry shown, they're just decorative headpins and spacer beads, ring-shaped beads, and the earring finding (the part that goes through your ear). I could whip those together in ten or twenty minutes.

So, if you know anyone who does any beading or jewelry-making, ask them.

If you're open to shapes other than hoop-shaped black stone/glass, they'd be absolutely a snap to make. Many serious beaders would have the materials on hand; I know I do.

If you don't know any beaders, consider contacting someone from etsy.

*If I misread your profile coordinates and you are in my area, feel free to contact me at the email in my profile. I'd be glad to help.
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Elsa, they want just the hoop section, not the dangle-type.
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You could always just oxidize plain silver hoops to black.

Oxidizer. producing an instantaneous black patina on silver, gold, copper or bronze.
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Thanks, ever helpful mefites! I hadn't thought about acrylic or the oxidation route, thanks for the eye openers. And I think I'm too old school to know what gauge I am! Very very skinny, would be my guess. :D
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I've been wearing a navy blue one of these, which also come in both matte and shiny black. When fully closed, it's very difficult to see the seam until you're ready to nibble on my ear. The continuity is kind of a neat effect.

18 or 20 gauge is what the typical ear stud's post is. Most people can put a 16 gauge ring in their existing lobe holes without difficulty.
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There may be hope for my coolness after all, guys! Muchas gracias.
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I bought really pretty black earrings similar to these from White House Black Market. They have a ton of black jewelry to match their black/white theme.
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