Is there a firewire equivalent of a USB memory stick?
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Is there a firewire equivalent of a USB memory stick?

That is, something flash memory based that would automount on a windows PC as a mass storage device but that had a 6- or 4-pin firewire connector instead of a USB connector?
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Best answer: I wasn't aware of them until just now, but Kanguru apparently makes one called FireFlash, available up to 8 GB capacity.

Note that these MUST BE 6-pin connectors, as the 4-pin variant does not provide even a shred of power, and thus the memory controller could not run.

You can also, of course, put a CF card in a firewire reader and achieve the same effect, but bulkier.
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Response by poster: I hate it when I get nothing from Google but when someone posts the right keywork combination the answer pops up right on top. Seems to be the only one too. Thanks!
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Why if it must be a 6-pin connection do they include a 6 to 4-pin converter?
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Ah, nevermind. In the manual it says that the 6 to 4-pin converter relies on a USB power supply. That must be quite a dongle.
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